Energy Technology Assessments

The assessment and in-depth analysis of the technological impacts of an emerging energy technology on an Electric utility and its customers must cover financial, socio-economic, environmental, ethical and political impacts that can result from its deployment and use. Although Energy efficiency improvements have contributed a great deal to the way in which utilities conduct business, there is still enormous potential for additional cost-effective energy savings. On a daily basis, utility manager are inundated with commercial representations from individuals that assert the intrinsic benefits of their commercial offerings. When technologies compete for utility dollars, we like to think that they are competing as investments.

Our energy technology assessments start with a rigorous infrastructure due diligence process. Our assessment of individual technologies is conducted as a joint approach that entails working with utility personnel to determine if investing in a particular technology will fit in the utility’ strategic framework, measure the engineering buy-in, verify the operational fit, validate the life-cycle applicability and evaluate its capability to develop into a ‘win-win’ investment strategy. Our approach with commercial and industrial customers involves a comprehensive review of their energy efficiency goals and the determination of just how the technologies we promote and sell could meet their specific requirements. The bottom line is always how will this affect their P&L and what will be the return on investment (ROI) and value-added.