About Us

The Effect - Operational Sales Group actively markets and sells energy efficiency products that are second to none. Our sales channels are focused on regional markets where people and organizations are proactive in implementing smart energy technologies to meet energy efficiency and conservation goals, with significant environmental benefits and measurable savings. Our operating companies are led by individualsthat are totally focused on execution of projects that reduce operating costs, improve the work space environment and contribute to increased productivity.

Our Group’s energy efficient culture is driven by technologies that can really “Effect a change” in the way people use Energy, so as to improve the Economy and contribute in saving the Earth’s precious resources. The energy efficiency technologies we promote and sell, in the broadest sense, allow our customers to do the same for less. It’s all about using less energy to provide the same service or throughput.

The Group’s 15 operating companies cover the North and South American Market, and the Caribbean and Pacific Island States. Our teams specialize in delivering on savings first and foremost. They are also finely attuned to helping managers meet energy efficiency goals in various business sectors, with private organizations, public entities and utility customers alike. In all cases, the bottom line implies affordability, timely delivery and proven results.

We even have communications and public relations experts that support the deployments of technologies packages with a comprehensive Customer Relations Program (CRP). Our CRPs are aimed at getting the word out, so all understand how proactive their organization is at providing the best level of customer service and how their energy efficiency programs and activities favorably impact Energy, Economy and Earth.


We have specific project references available for consultation in over 50 commercial and industrial business sectors and with numerous electric utilities. We also have several residential client testimonials available upon request.

Simply go hover the clients logos or pictures to see the technologies used and average saving. Should you wish to verify project references, in the context of a proposed project with an Effect Operational Sales and Systems Group Member Company, do not hesitate Contact us at (914) 924 -6037.

    • Lighting Retrofit
    • 55-60% reduction of KWH
    • 9-14 months ROI
    • KVAR Energy Controllers
    • Saving 925$/par month in average
    • KVAR Energy Controllers
    • Saving 400$/par month in average
    • 16 months ROI
    • KVAR Energy Controllers & Optimized Inductive Loads
    • Saving 4 000$/par month in average
    • Lighting Retrofit
    • Reduction of 7 lamp styles to 2,56% KWH reduction
    • 15 months ROI
    • KVAR Energy Controllers
    • Saving 3 500$/par month in average
    • KVAR Energy Controllers & Audits
    • 48,998kWh/par month reductions
    • 67 kW reduced in demand
    • KVAR Energy Controllers
    • 28% savings from hydro bill
    • KVAR Energy Controllers
    • Saving 800$/par month
    • KVAR Energy Controllers
    • Saving 2 421$/par month
    • 12 months ROI
    • KVAR ECs™
    • Saving 900$/par month in average
    • 14 months ROI
    • Patented Sizing Apparatus KVAR Energy Controllers
    • Reduced 46,058 kWh and saved $4,258 the first month after install